Minna Långström:

To melt


In the exhibition To Melt Minna Långström is exploring inter-generational transmissions of memories, the reverberations of past events, anchored in silence.

The piece that Långström is now showing in Sinne is a four channel video installation. Both the fictional space in the film and the installation itself underlines a narrative structure built on repetition, and the characters in the film are moving in a seemingly endless loop.

Minna Långström (1974) lives in Suomusjärvi, and works in her studio at the Cable Factory in Helsinki. In 2003 she graduated as MFA from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. Her art has been shown internationally on museums, galleries and film festivals in US, UK, Germany and Egypt. She is currently the Chair of the board of the Finnish Bioart Society, and was senior lecturer of moving image at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki 2008-2012. Her upcoming works are going to be shown in Dubai and Frankfurt.


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