Tuomas A. Laitinen:



As a part of the official Helsinki fest programme Sinne is presenting Tuomas A. Laitinen’s work Thermoscene, in which the Berlin based architecture collective Raumlaborberlin is involved. The show is a part of Mobile Home, a joint project of the Finnish Institutes of Paris, Benelux countries, Berlin and London. The exhibition is coming from Berlin, where it has been on display this spring and summer.

In the modular work Thermoscene Laitinen is studying the concepts of shelter, energy and heat, which create a fictional platform for thoughts on future structures.
The centerpiece of the installation is a growing tent, from which materials sprout out into the gallery space. A new version of the work will be shown at Sinne, added are performative elements that activate the installation.

The exhibition is a collaboration with The Finnish institute in Berlin, Ghoete institute Finnland and Helsinki Festival. The exhibition will open on August 17th.

More information about the exhibition and programme later.

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