Björn Kjelltoft & Sara Lundén:

Röda Lacket


Sinne is delighted to end its summer season with an exhibition by the Swedish artists Björn Kjelltoft and Sara Lundén. Röda Lacket is their first exhibition in Finland, and also their first-ever joint show. Kjelltoft and Lundén are both established names in their own right, and this collaboration is a promising new departure.

A park, a carpark, a monotonous office space. Two figures in trench coats are involved in more or less peculiar activities. They seem to be on their way somewhere, but it is not clear where. What relationship do these people have with each other? What is actually being acted out here? The surrealistic atmosphere and the elements of staging are not just there in the slideshow, but also in the various objects on the floor of the gallery space, in the form of fingers made of wood and wads of snuff made of cloth.

Björn Kjelltoft (b. 1974) is an artist who studied at Konstfack in Stockholm. He playfully explores his own points of reference in design and architecture from the 1960s onwards. An aesthetic that frequently resembles that of his forerunner, the Bauhaus, but without its ideological content.

Sara Lundén (b. 1970) is a musician and artist who studied at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. She works with language, form and angst, and makes use of clichés, desire and intuition.

The exhibition has been supported by: Swedish-Finnish Cultural Foundation and Nordic Culture Point.

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