Collection publication:



Welcome to Sinne on Monday 19th at 5 p.m. for the release of the collection publication #2 of the Pro Artibus Foundation: Hanne Ivars Power and Glory. Free entrance.

The writer Kati Kivinen meets the artist Hanne Ivars in a conversation on the video work Power and Glory, which is also presented at the event. Curator Juha-Heikki Tihinen will introduce the publication, which is trilingual (swedish, finnish and english). The discussion between the writer and the artist will be in finnish.


“Both in their aesthetic style and narrative structure, Ivars’ dream-like animations are, on first appraisal, reminiscent of children’s puppet shows or TV claymations, although the content of her stories is categorically not intended for tender young viewers. With their coarse, near-brutal aesthetic execution, wicked turns of plot, baffling power dynamics, violent protagonists and acts of psychological cruelty, her narratives are closer to adult fairy-tales than children’s stories, creating a dream-like world in which the artist can safely explore the darker reaches of the human mind, without risk of causing harm or offence in real life.”

(from Kati Kivinens text ”On the Red Carpet”, Pro Artibus collection publication #2: Hanne Ivars Power and Glory, 2018, 87–88)


Still from Hanne Ivars Power and Glory, Train of thought