Elias Björn:



Sinne 23rd of August at 7 PM.

Sinne has invited the artist Elias Björn to present his performance Re:Cut as part of the program for the Night of the Arts in Helsinki. The work is based on Yoko Ono’s Cut Piece where she lets the audience, one by one, cut off her clothes. In Elias Björn’s version we meet two men and their naked presence together with the audience. Re:Cut has previously been performed in the Bergen Art Hall and the work will be continuously presented in different variants and venues.

Elias Björn (Swedish, born 1979) interests in collective processes in connection to different contexts and media as cultural popular phenomenon, education, visual and textual language in advertisement, singing, intimacy, violence, masculinity and other. How is a self-thinking individual maintained, in connection to the establishment and the development of norms in relation to ideologies within an individual, within a society and the societies between.

Elias Björn received his Master in Fine Art spring 2017 from University of Bergen, Norway. His work examines norms of identity and collective structures. Björn’s performance “You are my only friend” was performed in Gallery Elverket at the opening of the summer exhibition Nude on the 1st of June 2018. The documentation of the performance will be shown until the 2nd of September 2018.



Image | Re:Cut, performance, Bergen Kunsthall 7 april 2017, performers: Jan Rådvik och Håkan Magnusson