Juha & Vesa Vehviläinen:

Pink Twins


The internationally renowned Pink Twins (Juha and Vesa Vehviläinen) are back in town with some new video works. Although the duo are based in Helsinki, they rarely stage solo exhibitions on their home turf.

Pink Twins work with something that is not quite defined, and yet highly tangible. They create an impressive experience of space, both the immediate space containing the videos, and the distant space far above our heads. Their mesmerizing works, with their kaleidoscope of sounds and colours, grab hold of all our senses.

Two computer-animated videos open up a world that is foreign, yet familiar in the manner of science fiction. The animations and their soundtracks set up a hypnotic experience on the borderland between visual art, computer science and electronic music.

The objects in the exhibition’s main artwork “Parametronomicon”, seem both organic and mechanical, like biomechanoids that have yet to come to terms with their surroundings, rushing through space or feeling their way; at first, floundering, only to explode in a cascade of convulsive motion. The animations obey a specific set of parameters that are in turn influenced by other parameters, which gives them a degree of disorder, but without being completely random.

Julia Nyman

Pink Twins are the brothers Juha and Vesa Vehviläinen, who have been collaborating since 1997. Their works have been shown in exhibitions and festivals all over the world. They have also performed their live audiovisual shows throughout Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australia. Their previous solo exhibition in Helsinki was at Gallery Sculptor in 2011.

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