Jenni Luhta:

Model of Good


Jenni Luhta’s Model of Good

The installation Model of Good, consisting of Jenni Luhta’s images, video and sound, is a description of a mechanism of human evolution, in which good is defined as that which, in its nature, succeeds in moving towards absolute best.

According to Luhta, humans are too ingenious to strive only for immediate needs and goals attainable in this time. The movement towards the best requires imagining and picturing the best and the worst, all of which Luhta finds in the tradition of antiquity and Christianity. In her model Luhta presents, through her own images, teachings and piano accompaniments, characters such as Gorgo, Satyr, Aphrodite and Emperor Augustus. Luhta proposes that the meaning of humanity is that which turns, instead of itself and the immediate, to what is eternal and best. In the centre of the installation, Luhta places a Christian icon, an image of mother and son, as an image over images, by juxtaposing it against an altar within a model of how a space can be consecrated to viewing what is best. Model of Good is a work, which aims at beholding God and showing how God is beheld.

The installation consists of images printed on canvas, speech performed on video and musical accompaniment. The characters it presents are pictured with their characteristic visual descriptions and musical accompaniments (played by Luhta herself). The multi-part work illustrates the connection between the world of classical antiquity and Christianity and also the transformation contained therein, which shows through the work as its structural shift. What is direct and discernible in antiquity, like powerful images and compositions, turn into a more vague, less easy to receive, but more compact performance. In this model of good, Christianity is an achievement of a human being without many gods and many faces but only once face which is here evaluated. Luhta models Christianity through her own example by pledging to her model with her own name, skills,  words and face.

Jenni Luhta (née Markkanen, b. 1986) is a visual artist based in Helsinki. Her works investigate self-revealed truth and its presentation as artistic works. Luhta presents her works in the form of pictures, installations, videos, performances and speeches. This is her seventh solo exhibition.

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