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Sinne has the honour of presenting its very first exhibition of graphic art. Synchronicity by Inka Bell consists of abstract minimalist works made using the screen printing, lithography, woodcuts and blind embossing techniques. As a whole it raises questions about imagining and visualizing the future, and the forces that shape it.

The exhibition is the result of a two-year working process and the theme takes its starting point from science fiction, architecture and infographics. Bell has been inspired by humankind’s relationship with nature and with how alienated we are from it. As a narrative background to the exhibition she has constructed a fictitious world, in which the artworks are anchored. She imagines a distant future where humanity is totally wiped out. All that remains is an artificial intelligence that follows the traces we have left behind us in the landscape. It explores its surroundings, and its visual observations are impersonal and unnostalgic, so that in its creative loneliness existence is friction-free. This isolated synthetic intelligence ultimately realizes humankind’s eternal dream of living in harmony with its surroundings. The material has two main strands: Bell bases her pictures on studies of both nature and our constructed world. These two energies are turned off and on everywhere in the exhibition, and seen through Bell’s inorganic filter we get intimations of both natural and constructed elements and phenomena. This set of works is installed in the gallery space in a way that stimulates a bodily experience in the viewer. The pictures take over the space and are not always presented from a human perspective.

The artworks in the exhibition resemble early digitally produced images – a time when the computers were as big as rooms and were used to generate minimalistic monochrome geometric printouts. In those days, human beings dreamed of a future in which our burdens would be entirely taken on by digital and mechanical aids. Today, half a century later, the computer plays a key role in Bell’s artistic work. But, instead of exploiting all the possibilities that the computer offers, she employs digital means to minimize the marks of the human hand. The pictures are first drawn on the computer, and she then switches to an analogue process that uses traditional printing techniques.

Inka Bell (née Järvinen, b.1981) is a graphic artist who lives and works in Helsinki. She studied clothes design and graphic design at the University of Art and Design Helsinki. She is a founder member of the Kalasataman seripaja screen printing studio. She was also one of the founder members of the Tsto graphic-design agency. Bell has won numerous prizes and received honourable mentions for her work. Her works have been published and she has exhibited both in Finland and internationally. Bell’s next solo exhibition will be in Copenhagen in April.

The exhibtion is supported by Art Promotion Center Finland , Grafia ry and Finnish Cultural Foundation

Markus Åström

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