Hans Rosenström:

Ett kluvet hus: Den andra


The Pro Artibus Foundation’s anniversary-year summer exhibition is the work of the artist Hans Rosenström (1978), who is dividing the exhibition into two spaces: Sinne in Helsinki and Elverket in Tammisaari. The two parts, which go by the names Den Ena and Den Andra, together constitute the exhibition Ett kluvet hus. It thus forms an integral whole that occupies two different addresses. The themes raised here are timeboundness, linguisticness, corporeality and spatiality. The work consists of moving images, sounds, two site-specific installations and a site-specific experience.

Ett kluvet hus is linked to the anniversary-year theme of ‘time’, and simultaneously comments on the Foundation’s two exhibition spaces. Rosenström brings together two different spaces, while also reminding us of their differences. He himself describes the thinking underlying his exhibition as follows: “I thought about the theme of the exhibition from a bodily perspective. This time, I worked with two dancers. They started from my manuscript, which deals with various situations that arise between people, and made a choreography. The dance was then filmed, and the footage is being shown in the exhibition. Spectators also hear the words of a text that I devised with a hypnotist. This collaboration was prompted by my desire to induce a sense of volatility. This links in to the way the spectator experiences the set I have constructed at Sinne. I wanted to create an interrelationship.”

Rosenström has constructed a reworked version of Elverket’s space at Sinne, but has left this construction as a backdrop. This playing with reality and illusion has been a distinguishing feature of several of his earlier works. Spectators are led to doubt their own experiences and senses, and, for an instant, the spectator’s view of the world is transformed. In Ett kluvet hus Rosenström has focused on the significance of language: on how language directs our experiences and apprehensions of the world and reality, as well as of their limits. According to Rosenström these limits are also linked to current political phenomena, to the question of boundaries and identities, as well as to how personal identity defines the human individual’s social position and space.

Ett kluvet hus is Hans Rosenström’s thirteenth solo exhibition. Later in the year, his works will be shown in Lectoure, France, at Maria Stenfors Gallery in London, and in Gdansk, Poland. Hans Rosenström lives and works in London. His works are in the collections of Kiasma, Amos Andersson and Pro Artibus. In 2010, he received the Stina Krook Foundation Prize and, in 2011, the Finnish Art Society’s Ducat Prize. In 2015, he was a candidate for the Ars Fennica award. He graduated from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 2007.

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