Juha Valkeapää:

A guy and a wooden guy


Once I had peeled the bark off, I chose the front and the back side. Looking from the front or from the back, the wooden guy, and a human being, is wider than looking from the side.”

A guy and a wooden guy will settle down to Sinne on 3-9 November. It is a durational performance in a form of an exhibition. People, the audience and the sculptor, meet through the wooden guy. The sculptor is an artist, exhibition guard, and co-human being. One can meet the guys daily at Sinne from noon til 8 o’clock in the evening. The days condense into presentational moments, that start at 7 pm.

Vocal and performance artist Juha Valkeapää is the sculptor, creator of the wooden guy. The guy is and is not Valkeapää’s self-portrait; some things of Valkeapää’s, a middle-aged man, life condense into the wooden guy.

”It smiles. Clearly, without smile it would only be a big chunk of dead wood. The smile blows spirit into the dead wood, makes the wood chunk an image of a man, almost living.”

The Guy and a Wooden Guy at Sinne, Iso Roobertinkatu 16, Helsinki, on 3-9 November, 2016, at 12-20.

The guys’ daily program:

12-19 espresso, soup and spending time with the guys
19-20 the day in an hour (presentational moment)

Free entrance.

It is recommended to visit the guys many times.


Past program