Black Market


BLACK MARKET is an artist-run group based in Berlin. They organize short, compact, focused exhibitions. Exhibitions that balloon and bloom within a short space of time. They work with dedication, intensively and sensually.

It is about exhibitions as interactive social events. And by rocking the boat they create added value. They ask what is being shown and how are exhibitions made?

BLACK MARKET SINNE is a 48-hour exhibition that is alive and kicking. The room is charged with an energy that is released by brief, but deep-going collective work.

BLACK MARKET SINNE is the fifth Black Market event. The participating artists are: Michael Johansson (SWE), Roland Persson (SWE), Sigrid Sandström (SWE), Jacob Dahlgren(SWE), Jussi Niva (FI), Villu Jaanisoo (FI), Römer + Römer(DE+RUS), Marcus Eek (SWE) and Olli Piippo (FI).

Previous BLACK MARKET exhibitions have taken place in Berlin and Stockholm, the latest in spring 2014. BLACK MARKET SINNE is an international exhibition that brings together artists from Finland, Sweden and Germany. The exhibition consists of paintings and site-specific sculptures and installations

The idea behind BLACK MARKET is to create a whole that is more than the sum of its parts. It is not only a selection of artist or objects installed on a wall. It is an entity that surprises and encourages viewers to enjoy the art, not as a static idea or object, but as a living motion.

BLACK MARKET SINNE is art as a social event. Art that is here and now. As a counterforce to cruel, but beautiful everyday conflicts and tensions, art becomes a gesture about living and being alive.

Black Market

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