Antti Nyyssölä


In his new exhibition Antti Nyyssölä continues his explorations of Helsinki. Nyyssölä is known for works that systematically analyze the places and materials in his surroundings. He does this in the form of abstract studies; paintings, frottage and collage. He is now showing new works in these techniques: raw, fragile images from an urban landscape.

Nyyssölä moves like a nomad around the city. He gathers materials, memories and settings. Like an archaeologist he patiently dusts off what lies hidden beneath the layers of time. To Nyyssölä this also means getting in touch with the right material and finding the right level of resistance. The painting, composition and execution are then just the last step in a long process. The new works in this show have been painted on corrugated metal and cardboard. The repeated waveforms in these materials become a suggestive echo within which the painting shifts back and forth.

In the series of frottage works Nyyssölä has used graphite and paper to record surfaces, structures and rhythms from the city’s architecture.

The frottage becomes a haptic snapshot. Compared to a photograph it is relatively mute in its expression. But beneath the surface, unseen by the naked eye, the stories and the whispers are waiting. And, like The Shroud of Turin, Nyyssölä’s frottage works come alive.

The flag and the cross are recurrent motifs in Nyyssölä’s works. In his heraldry the symbols have been drained of their lifeblood, transparent ghosts hang on the walls like shed snakeskins. With these phantoms comes the silence, the emptiness, but also the energy charge. Something has happened and something has moved.

Markus Åström

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