Anna Estarriola:

The System


What tools and strategies do we have at hand to help us evolve and to create a feeling of mutual understanding and affection for our surrounding? In her sculptural multimedia installation The System, Anna Estarriola constructs a polyphonic scenario in which an all including chord of voices has the possibility to shape what is to come.

By implementing technology and methods from performative arts into her work Anna Estariola stages dreamlike encounters with other creatures and entities. In her art, Estarriola works with existential questions and the focus is on human behaviour, perception and social codes. The often absurd but reflective works include puzzling elements reaching out to the audience. With The System, which is her most complex work so far, Estarriola enters the labyrinths of collective decision making.

The System is a study on the illusion of participation in a apparent democratic structure. In The System, Estarriola drops the audience into a meeting where today’s topic is “What’s next?”. The characters in the work are a vivid mix of creatures and objects making their point in abstract languages. The translator is giving the impression of understanding everything what is being said. In the installation the audience and the entities share a moment of togetherness where they are trying to find a new algorithm for what is next. This fantastic system is gravitating towards becoming an endless knot.

Anna Estarriola (b.1980 in Catalonia) lives and works in Helsinki. She holds a Master of Fine Arts degrees from the sculpture department at the University of Barcelona (2004) and from the time and space department at The Finnish Art Academy (2009). Her work has been on display at museums, galleries and theaters nationally and internationally. In 2015 she received the AVEK prize. She is currently working on a 3-year grant from TAIKE /Arts Promotion Center Finland. At the moment her works are included at “No Ordinary Moments” collection exhibition at Emma Museum. During this year her works will be presented at Pyhäniemen Kartano summer exhibition, “Hive Mind” at Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia, and “Human Factors” at Watermans Art Center in London, UK. Her next solo exhibition will be in Galerie Anhava in spring 2019. Her works are included in the collections of Kiasma, Museum of Contemporary Art / Finnish National Gallery, Emma Museum, Saastamoinen Foundation, Pori Art Museum and Amos Anderson Art Museum.

The System is included in the collection of Pori Art Museum.

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