Observing the illusion of reality



Sinne 3rd of September at 5–8 p.m.

On 3rd of September Oscar Hagen will do the performance Observing the illusion of reality in collaboration with Staffan Södergård. Hagen is drawing with chalk on the windows while Staffan Södergård creates improvised ambinent soundscapes. Nothing is planned in advande, everything occurs spontaneusly. The performance focuses on the subconcius and on how our experience of reality is formed by our conciusness. The idea was born from an urge to react and create without overthinking or distancing oneself from the process of creating.


Oscar Hagen

In the last couple of years Hagen has developed a drawing style that is spontaneous and explores the subconscious mind. Putting himself in a meditative state he creates psychedelic images that are in the crossroads between the figurative and the non-figurative. Eyes and eye contact have a central role in Hagens work, connecting the viewer with the art.


Staffan Södergård 

Staffan Södergård (f.1988) is a keyboardist and pianist living in Helsinki. He is active in the groups Soft Power, Maan Tomu and Barbara Vortex.